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Summer 2020 Issue


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COVID-19 on the Front Lines

How the pandemic has impacted the healthcare industry

A Note From Brian Kelly, Head of PNC Healthcare

We’re in this together.

That has been PNC Healthcare’s approach since we created this practice more than 25 years ago. And it holds in the face of today’s challenges.

An important part of our mission is to bring you ideas, insight and solutions that are relevant to the financial health of your organization. We recently hosted a virtual symposium, “Navigating a Changing Landscape” that included a fact-based scientific discussion of the coronavirus, economic forecasts and strategies for raising capital and investing. Access a replay of the virtual symposium.

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we address how your banking relationship can affect access to capital and the cost of banking services; specific treasury management strategies to harden your defenses against fraud; overcoming pension market headwinds and insight into the new worries patients face today.

I encourage you to explore the articles below and visit often for strategies that can help improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Matters


Do Relationships Really Matter?

A conversation with Brian Kelly reveals that PNC views a banking relationship as no different from a strong, healthy personal relationship that requires work on the part of both parties to build and grow. It’s a two-way street. 

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Tactics to Strengthen Your Organization in Trying Times

Reducing check use and adopting electronic payment solutions such as RTP®, ACH and mobile apps can improve your business resiliency.

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Strategies for Addressing Pension Market Headwinds

A sharp decline in equity markets coupled with falling discount rates led to potential double digit declines in funded ratios for plans with sizeable equity allocations. A borrow-to-fund strategy should be analyzed as one approach to reducing overall cash expense and balance sheet volatility.

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Consumers Increasingly Worried about Healthcare Costs

A recent survey by AccessOne suggests that offering flexible payment plans may benefit providers while easing patient concerns.

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COVID-19 on the Front Lines Series

Permission to Accelerate

Third Article in Series: How Healthcare is Implementing Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

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COVID’s Lasting Impact on Our Healthcare Systems

Fourth Article in Series: In the face of challenges, organizations can transform to survive or face being overtaken by stronger competitors.

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Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On
Healthcare Providers and Payers

First Article in Series: What’s Happening Now and What Does the Future Hold?

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How Successful Healthcare Providers
Approached the COVID-19 Crisis

Second Article in Series: What a Cross-Section of Providers Learned from the Current Crisis

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