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PNC Healthcare serves companies with over $5 million annual revenue. If your company’s revenue is under $5 million, our PNC Healthcare Business Banking team can be of service.

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Treasury Management Solutions

Streamline your payables, maximize receivables, improve liquidity and access information 24/7

PNC Healthcare provides transaction processing services including lockbox, commercial card services, fraud protection and remote deposit to help maximize working capital and increase internal process efficiencies.

Healthcare Receivables

Accelerate your receivables and streamline internal processes. PNC offers depository solutions for the point of service; the ability to consolidate check, cash and electronic payments into one stream; manufactured 835s; lockbox capabilities to help speed collections; optimization of remittance documents and outsourced print and mail capabilities.

Remote Deposit - Enhance security and efficiency at the point of service. Deposit On-Site® can help streamline deposit preparation and eliminate multiple trips to the bank. It’s easy to capture images of consumer and business checks and related remittance coupons and transmit the check images to PNC for processing.

Cash Logistics - Handle your daily operating cash across the country. Cash Logistics service accepts and processes large volumes of U.S. and foreign currency/coin and delivers shipments to your locations.

Smart Safe - Reduce cash handling in your operation.  Smart safes can help reduce the risk of theft, and mishandling of cash. Communication capabilities can also help accelerate funds availability, improve productivity and lower cash handling costs.

Owned and operated by PNC, our lockbox network is one of North America’s largest and top-rated in terms of performance. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective access to your collected funds position, while meeting your organization’s specific posting information requirements.

Correspondence Management - Identify correspondence by payer, document type and key index values. PNC’s correspondence management system facilitates categorization and indexing. TIFF images and index files can be imported to many healthcare document management systems  

Manufactured 835 - Automate 835 posting process for any payer.  PNC can create a “manufactured” 835 file from images of paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and checks sent to any lockbox in the PNC national lockbox network.  This includes secondary, auto and/or workers compensation payers that do not offer Direct 835 transactions or have incomplete data. This solution can help you post automatically with no manual intervention. 

OCR Lockbox  Accelerate cash posting and improve collections. When the patient pays the bill, the data captured from the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) line on their paper bill or statement, along with the patient’s check or credit card payment, are merged into the format selected by the provider. The file is then transmitted to the provider to upload to the patient billing system.

Patient Return Mail Processing – Automate the management of your returned patient statements. PNC’s Return Mail Lockbox captures patient statements that are not corrected by print/mail vendors and automatically flags patient accounts for additional follow-up by Revenue Cycle staff, “skip trace” or collection vendors.

Depository Services

Enhance the overall convenience, visibility and efficiency of your cash management systems with a depository foundation that supports your organization’s banking and treasury functions including Remote Deposit, Cash Logistics and Smart Safe.

Insurance Lockbox

Manage all of your receivables – cash, check and electronic more efficiently. Our insurance lockbox solution makes it easy to update customer accounts and help maximize cash flow while providing timely, online access to check images and other remittance information.

Patient Lockbox

Improve your collection, posting and accuracy of patient payments and get faster access to funds while lowering costs. PNC‘s Patient Pay Lockbox leverages our national lockbox network, one of the largest and best-performing networks in the country.

Patient Statement Print and Mail

Accelerate your collection cycle and reduce processing costs.
PNC’s PrintMail process helps optimize remittance documents to reduce confusion and promote quicker payment.

Healthcare Payables

Maximize your payment controls and improve your day’s payable outstanding. PNC can help healthcare providers move payments from paper to electronic processes, reduce disbursement cost and risk, tighten control over spending and payments, incorporate commercial cards within existing processes, simplify payment origination and streamline invoice processing. View our comprehensive list of payables solutions »


Information Reporting

Improve decision-making with robust, customizable reporting services. Gain immediate visibility into your current cash position and accelerate your reconciliation process with PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated corporate online and mobile banking portal. Initiate account transfers, ACH batches or wires, manage your receivables and disbursements, or stay informed of your organization’s daily cash position, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact us to learn why our Treasury Management solutions are right for you »

PNC received A+ recognition in the Phoenix-Hecht Quality Index™ 2019

for Web Information Reporting & Transaction Initiation, Wholesale Lockbox, Controlled Disbursement/Positive Pay, Wire Transfer and Remote Deposit


Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Integrate and automate your entire revenue cycle process

PNC’s Revenue Cycle Automation solutions focus on patient registration quality, denial prevention, patient estimation and denial management. Our Revenue Cycle Management experts can help you analyze your entire revenue cycle to identify and implement process improvements.


Clearinghouse Services

PNC Healthcare provides clearinghouse services such as claims submission and remittance processing, claims status and eligibility, lockbox services for patient pay and commercial payments and ERA processing.

Claims Submission

Easily connect to thousands of payers for healthcare transactions.  Submit primary or secondary/tertiary claims through our online portal at the time of receipt of via overnight batch process. This service supplies providers with tools for payers and provider-specific edits to help increase clean claim rates and to provide a streamlined solution.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Processing

Shorten the reimbursement cycle and streamline workflow.  Help improve efficiency by knowing which of your claims have been paid and in what amount. Process your secondary claims faster and shorten the number of days your receivables are outstanding. ERAs are returned in a consistent and easy-to-understand format so you can quickly search, view or print each remittance as needed.


Patient Access Solutions  

Integrate pre-registration, registration and patient flow management with your current Electronic Medical Record applications. Our user-friendly platform also provides patients with the ability to manage their own data and dollars.

Patient Portal

Enable your patients to update demographic and insurance information, fill out forms or surveys and/or pay outstanding and estimated bills through one portal.

Express On-site Check-in

Give your patients a familiar, retail-like experience. Kiosks and tablets*, can help to expedite the check-in process. These applications mirror the pre-registration workflow offered in the patient portal.  

*These hardware items are purchased from another vendor

Patient Flow Management

Prioritize patient flow based on urgency or wait time. Patient Flow Management can also help staff direct patients to a kiosk, registrar, etc. with the help of our Concierge Assistant software.  


Revenue Cycle Automation Solutions

Improve your revenue with revenue cycle automation. PNC Healthcare’s solutions help providers reduce claims denials, increase cash flow, reduce days in accounts receivable, increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Estimation

Capture revenue up front at the patient point of contact to reduce time spent on patient follow-up and to accelerate collection times. Enable your staff to give a patient a written estimate of their expected out-of-pocket responsibility after the projected insurance carrier payment has been deducted. You can prioritize post-discharge collection efforts based on each patient’s relative ability and likelihood to pay the outstanding balance.

Eligibility & Authorization

Get real-time insight into your current registration system to streamline patient access management functions, including registration and eligibility quality assurance. Each patient registration is assessed in real time for missing, incomplete or incorrect data using data contained in the patient registration data (HL7) and eligibility transactions (270/271).

Denials Management

Effectively manage post-submission claims, denials and the settlement of patient accounts. Accelerate collection of your accounts receivable by using automated processes to help reduce write-offs, minimize the need for third-party collection agencies, and identify denial trends to find opportunities for claim workflow process redesign.

Propensity to Pay

Assess how much an uninsured or underinsured patient can potentially pay toward the uncovered portion of their medical bill either at the point of service or post-visit.

PNC received 2018 Greenwich Excellence Award for Cash Management

for Ease of Doing Business


Capital Financing Solutions

Choose from a range of financing options to build your capabilities and support your growth objectives

Direct Purchase
Taxable and tax-exempt direct purchase financing for a variety of needs includes refundings, acquisitions, and capital project financing.

Equipment Finance
A variety of lease and loan solutions deliver financing for needs such as medical equipment, energy management and electronic medical record systems.

Bridge Loans
Interest-only interim financing is available for acquisitions, equipment purchases, expansion projects, and other corporate purposes until permanent financing is arranged.

Variable Rate Demand Bond/Commercial Paper Liquidity Facilities
Standby bond purchase agreements and letters of credit provide liquidity and credit enhancement in support of public debt issuances.

Revolving Credit Line
Revolving line of credit facilities support providers’ needs for working capital and general corporate purposes.

PNC-arranged syndication of banks streamlines execution on larger capital financing needs.

Get comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional financing. PNC offers a fully-integrated platform to deliver tools and solutions to help providers optimize capital structure, reduce overall cost of capital, mitigate financial risk and access capital for investment and growth. View our capital market solutions »


$5.7+ Billion

variable rate debt portfolio



Ranked #5[1]

for dealers by numbers and issues



Institutional Asset Management Solutions

Simplify your investment process and improve results

PNC Institutional Asset Management takes the time to get to know your organization’s challenges and vision through an in-depth discovery process. We will simplify the complex nature of investing and work closely with you to find the right solution.

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[1] Thomson Financial (SDC), April 2015

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