Key Retirement Planning Milestones:
A Timeline for Achievement

Every birthday is special—but these are particularly important for retirement planning.

Take advantage of these key milestones to help ramp up your retirement assets as you prepare for retirement or help make the most of your retirement income distributions while in retirement.

Last Chance to Accumulate

article_retirement_milestones_50 50

A golden opportunity to start making catch-up contributions to your qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan (up to $6,000 more) or Individual Retirement Account (up to $1,000 more) annually. 

article_retirement_milestones_55 55

Have your cake and eat it, too. If you're no longer working, you may be able to access money from a 401(k) plan without penalties.[1]

article_retirement_milestones_59-5 59 ½

Celebrate! You can now withdraw money from your 401(k) or traditional Individual Retirement Account without penalties.

Transitioning to Retirement

article_retirement_milestones_62 62

If you need to, you can start claiming Social Security at 62. (But be careful—for many people, there are good reasons to delay. As it stands today, benefits will increase about 8% for every year you wait.)

article_retirement_milestones_65 65

Happy Medicare day! You can actually sign up three months before your 65th birthday—and don't wait, or you could get hit with higher premiums.

article_retirement_milestones_6667 66/67

Congratulations—you've hit full retirement age! Of course, whether you keep working is up to you. (Born before 1959? You qualify at 66 and two months. Born in 1959? 66 and ten months. Born any later, and you have to wait for age 67.) 

Taking Income Distributions

article_retirement_milestones_70 70

Last call for Social Security—if you haven't started getting benefits, it's time. At age 70, Social Security maxes out at 132% of the initial full benefit. 

article_retirement_milestones_70-5 70 ½

Happy half-birthday! You have until next April 1 to take your first Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA and employer-sponsored retirement plans, and until next December to take the second distribution.[2]

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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

1. You will have to pay ordinary income on the amount withdrawn. Exceptions apply. See Tax Topic 558 for details.

2. If you fail to take your RMD on time, a 50% tax penalty will be applied on the amount that should have been taken.