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Fall 2016 | Technical Innovation in Payments

PNC's Payment Solutions News provides strategic insight and actionable information, including product updates, customer case studies and best practices that you can use to help enhance your organization's treasury management operations.

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Distributed Ledgers: The Technology Behind Blockchains

Blockchain is one of the technologies behind Bitcoin and it provides a distributed ledger for accounts and transactions. While the jury is still out on Bitcoin (and blockchain), distributed ledger technology offers a number of potential benefits.

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Solutions for the Insurance Industry

The insurance sector has grown sales at a steady rate, with a compound average growth rate of over 5% between 2009 and 2015. These firms are expected to continue to benefit from the ongoing economic recovery.

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Payments News Update

An updated chart reveals recent developments in the commercial payments sector at a glance and links directly back to previous issues in the Payment Solutions News archive that cover these topics.

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The Emergence of Fintech Companies

One notable recent trend in financial services is the rise of financial technology (FinTech) companies that are developing solutions for businesses and consumers. FinTech’s significance is underscored by the exponential growth in venture capital investing in the sector in recent years.

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A note from Jeff Felser, Senior Vice President

The U.S. has seen tremendous technical innovation over the past 25 years. The rise of the Internet and the broad adoption of smart phones have helped to facilitate fundamental changes to the way we buy and sell products and services.

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Analysis and Forecasts of Key Economic Variables

PNC’s economists provide analysis and forecasts of national, regional and global economic and financial trends.

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